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Thank you in advance for reading our Seller’s Guide. I presume that if you are reading this you have a property for sale and by all means thank you even more for giving us a chance of listing your property!

Here is a quick and short description of the selling process and hopefully you will find answers for most of your questions. Probably your first question is “How much is my property worth? “This is a common question and it's not always an easy answer. A better question to ask is "How do I determine the price of a property?" And let me tell you, that depending on where and what you are selling the answer will vary. Condos sell all year round. Inventory is traditionally lower in December and January, which may be a great trigger to list a property as there will be fewer other options for buyers If selling a house, buyers often fall in line with the 'school year'. Listing in the Spring with a Summer closing would be considered 'traditional'.

Keep in mind that we live in the most busy city in Canada, where migration is high. People are coming to Toronto and the GTA all the time and they need a roof under their head.

How we are going to determine the price of a your home? We will complete a Comparable Market Analysis, or CMA for short. We look at all the comparable properties that sold in the past 180 days to get an idea of what homes are going for in your area. We, then take into consideration certain features that your property may have that others may not, or vice versa. For example, if your condo unit is on a higher floor, has top of the line features, or a killer view! Or your home is renovated, has luxurious features, swimming pool etc.

Of course, it's not always that simple. Choosing the right price can be a delicate situation. Price your place too high and your property could be sitting on the market for a long time and you may end up getting a lot less than what it's worth. Price your property too low and you may not get what your property is worth, or cause a bidding war frenzy.

A good Realtor will help you list your property at just the right asking price that will obtain the highest price possible in today's Toronto market.

Once you are happy with your listing price we will establish time frame that suits your needs. I will ask questions

“What are you going to do when you sell your home?”

“Will you be buying a new home or where are you relocating?”

“How soon you need to be in your new place?” etc.

If you are not sure if you should sell first and buy next or buy first and sell later consider this. In a perfectly balanced market place you would be able to buy and sell within a close timeframe. However, it may be wise to sell first with a longer closing to provide the time it may take to find a property to purchase. The real question here is “Do I need the funds from the sale to close on the purchase?” Depending on the strength of the buyer market vs seller market, you may find the two transactions work out with perfect timing. At this very moment we are experiencing a balanced market, that means people sell their property first, then purchase a new one and close in a close timeframe. You may heard about “bridge mortgages” that allows for those sort of closing sometimes. Your mortgage broker will be able to tell you more about it.

Usually, we will be able to do an assessment of selling timeframes in your building or neighbourhood. If you property is superior to comparable, it may sell faster. Plan to have the property listed on MLS for a minimum of 3 months and longer if you are advised the property may take longer to attract certain buyers. Most people will want to declutter their homes but the next phase for preparing a home for sale is staging. This can be full staging with furnishings, wall decor, scent and more or after a staging consultation, you are provided with suggestions for furniture placement, and self-staging for general appeal.There are costs to having a staged property but often the costs will create a faster sale and better sale price. In general, you want to ensure anything broken, creaking, dirty or in need of paint, is taken care of, especially before photos are taken and showings begin.

We offer staging consultations through our sister company TAMMAR Design & Co. Initial consultation fee is $250 and if you decide to stage your property it will be enrolled into the staging fee which varies from $800-$2500 a month.

ou probably should consider the Land Transfer Tax, that varies depending on where you live. If you are buying a property in Toronto you will have the Ontario Land Transfer Tax and the Toronto Land Transfer Tax. However, if you're a first time buyer you don't have to sweat yet. First time buyers are exempt from the Toronto Land Transfer Tax on the first $400,000 and qualify for a $2000 tax credit on the Ontario Land Transfer Tax. You can get an estimate on what your Land Transfer Tax adds up to using our Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculator.

Ontario Land Transfer Tax

     * 0.5% on the first $55,000

     * 1.0% on the portion between $55,000-$250,000

     * 1.5% on the balance over $250,000

     * 2.0% on anything over $400,000

Toronto Land Transfer Tax

     * 0.5% on the first $55,000

     * 1.0% on the portion between $55,000-$400,000

     * 2.0% on anything over $400,000

Get the Quickest Sale at Top Dollar with the Right Listing Agent

It’s a pile of bricks on a piece of land.
But to you…it’s home.
And it means the world to you.

That’s why it’s up to you to select the ideal realtor to help you sell your property fast, with as few unpleasantries as possible and for the most amount of money.

Proven track record

Year over year, I have the listings to show that my for-sale prices are extremely accurate. My in-depth market research and comprehensive knowledge of the Toronto area and its intricate neighbourhoods puts me in a position to get my clients close to, right on or above asking price. Every time.

The right recommendations and guidance

Selling your home can be an overwhelming process. There are so many factors to consider and choices to make before your home even hits the market! Should I paint? Do I need to invest in staging? What’s the best time to list? What’s the ideal pricing strategy in this market?

I act as your partner throughout the process, easily reachable and quick to respond. I give nothing but honest and educated answers to your questions, providing you with the important information you need to make the best decisions for you, your family and the sale of your home.

Solidifying the perfect deal

Every seller wants the most money possible for the home they treasure so dearly. And a lot of that comes down to how your realtor acts at the negotiation table. My experience has taught me that there’s a fine line between effective and unsuccessful.

To ensure that I put myself in a position to get you the highest price and the most favourable terms, I am not soft, but amicable. Not conniving, but clever. Not aggressive, but assertive.

What to expect from me

As your listing agent, I make a commitment to:

  • Learn about you, your home and your goals

  • Conduct thorough market research

  • Create a detailed action plan to help you prepare your property for market

  • Develop an in-office promotion

  • Design a listing video and custom property website

  • Make an exclusive feature sheet to highlight the best features of your property

  • Perform extensive online and offline marketing

Ready to sell?

Let’s talk about your real estate goals.